Muriel Garner

School Implementation Lead & Trainer


Music and the dramatic arts, crime novels, wildlife, long distance walking and clothing design are my main interests.
Born in the small industrial town of Goole, I spent my late school years listening to Jimmy Hendrix and singing the main roles of Hansel and Gretel and the Magic Flute, whilst performing in Caucasian Chalk Circle. I was strongly influenced by a vibrant music teacher, I now have reformed a partnership with her in delivering music for adults with disabilities.
I am an experienced Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) in Hull having worked with all ages from 5 to 13 years.  I am a former teacher for the county of East Riding, an Assertive Discipline Trainer, Batpac Trainer and Business Partnership Co-0rdinator.  I currently teach at Collingwood Primary School in Hull which is a leading school in Restorative Practice.  I trained as an RP Practitioner and Facilitator in 2007.

The Hull Centre Team


The staff at HCRP are all dedicated and experienced RP practitioners who share a vital belief- that restorative practice can massively improve the lives of the adults and young people who come into contact with it. That is why they have chosen to get involved in the big task of bringing it to Hull- it’s a better way for the citizens of the city to interact with all the organisations put there to support them, and it gives better outcomes for the young people concerned.


Here’s the team:

Estelle Macdonald

CEO, Hull Centre for Restorative Practice and Headteacher


Estelle is CEO of Hull Centre for Restorative Practices founded as a project in April 2007. She is also Headteacher at Collingwood Primary School which she has led from ‘special measures’ to ‘outstanding’.
Collingwood Primary is internationally recognised as a restorative school and receives visitors from all over the world to look at the work being done there. Estelle trains and offers consultancy to all agencies working with children and families and communities in Hull and across the UK. She has spoken regularly at national and international conferences on Restorative practices both as a practitioner and as CEO of Hull Centre leading a city wide initiative of becoming a ‘Restorative City’.
Estelle is also a trained FGC co-ordinator with a strong belief in the power of family and in working with people to achieve positive outcomes and success for all.

Jane Harris

Lead Practitioner for Secondary and Special Schools


I have 30 years experience in teaching in secondary schools in Hull. My background is working with young people with special educational needs. I am an Advanced Skills Teacher within the remit of special educational needs and social inclusion.
In 2005 I was appointed as an Assistant Headteacher in an inner city secondary school in Hull and in this role I led the successful implementation and development of Restorative Practices in the school. I also achieved the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers; my work in the development of RP was an integral part of my study.
I continue in my role as a school practitioner and I am currently teaching at Collingwood Primary School. Restorative Practices underpins my work in the school.
I work as part of the HCRP Team as a lead practitioner in the introduction, implementation and development of Restorative Practices in secondary, primary and special schools. I am a RP trainer and I have a wide range of experience in training personnel from various organisations but in particular school staff and young people.

Joanne Faulkner

Family Project Co-ordinator


Jo is the Family Project Co-ordinator for Hull Centre for Restorative Practice. She has 24 years experience working within Residential childcare and as a fostering Social Worker. She is also National Trainer for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.
Jo trains and offers consultancy to agencies working with children and families. She has spoken regularly at National and International conferences on Restorative Practices with regards her work.
Jo’s work in Hull is centred on working closely with Primary/Secondary schools to develop the family workers within each school, targeting the most vulnerable/disaffected families to impact on attendance/attainment and behaviour. Working with all concerned using a Restorative approach. She is also a trained F.G.C Co-ordinator engaging all family members and encouraging families to take control of their own situations and issues, supporting and enabling them to make significant change for themselves.

John Macdonald

Lead Consultant – Business and Healthcare

John’s career started in engineering and product development, progressing through technical management and directorship in sectors as diverse as hydraulics, waste water and electronics.
Throughout his career he focused on building strong teams and improving business results by enabling staff to play to their strengths. This led to increasing involvement in process improvement and lean business techniques, and then to a fascination with using restorative practice in business.
“The culture and ‘feel’ that RP brings to a workplace makes it easy to use many other improvement tools and techniques and to really get the best from the people” he says. John’s role at HCRP is to assist management teams in understanding the role RP can play in their business and the best ways to implement it cost effectively.

Dave Rawding

Criminal Justice & Police Specialist


Dave Rawding has recently retired after 30 years police service.  His last police role was as the Chief Inspector Neighbourhood Police Lead.  He has worked in all of the Humberside Police divisions in predominantly intelligence and investigating roles.  He has also had a number of HQ roles including key positions within Business Change, Risk Management and Marketing and Communications.  He was one of the first officers locally to be trained in Restorative Practices when it was introduced to deal with internal grievances.  Dave was instrumental in establishing local partnerships and ensuring all Neighbourhood Police resources were trained in RP and used RP regularly to resolve community issues.


Dave strongly supports the evidence that indicates that widening use of Restorative Practice and Restorative Justice will reduce re-offending, improve victim satisfaction, build community spirit and considerably save money.

Nickie Bader



I have worked in administration for around 25 years and took on the role of administrator for Hull Centre in 2012 after leaving the Local Authority.  I have seen Restorative Practice develop rapidly across the city during that time . I have one son, who is my world and my family and friends are at the centre of my life.
Working for HCRP can, and has been both challenging and demanding at times, but also exciting.  The team are not so much a team as an extended ‘family’ and a joy to be around!

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