Specialist Services


In addition to more everyday training and services, HCRP can offer specialist services for particular reactive circumstances. We can provide Family Group Conferencing and Facilitator led Conflict Resolution services:

Facilitator Conflict Resolution


HCRP can offer facilitator conflict resolution.  This can be used where conflict has arisen within an establishment, workplace or family.  HCRP will supply an experienced convenor who will meet with and prepare all participants prior to facilitating a restorative/FGC process to establish an agreed outcome and resolution to the issue.


This process has been successful in resolving the following types of issues:


  • Long term conflict within a school or family
  • Conflict between members of staff, unions and management
  • Resident/Neighbour disputes
  • Local Authority, managers and volcom sector organisations
  • Perpetrators and victims of crime
  • Service deliverers and service users


Family Group Conferencing (FGC)


A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a decision making meeting that is led by families to find their own solutions to their problems.


A Family Group Conference empowers families to find their own strengths and resources within their family and community.


The FGC process is one that improves communication and leaves families feeling that they have been listened to/heard.


Families have the right and responsibility to be active decision makers about their own family.  Participating in an FGC is a voluntary process and can address issues for children, young people, vulnerable adults and all family members, putting them at the centre of the decision making process and ensuring they have the right for their voice to be heard.


An FGC Co-ordinator is always independent of any professional involvement with the family.


HCRP has successfully facilitated FGCs for several years within education, addressing issues of attendance, behaviour and family support.  HCRP has a bank of specialist facilitators from a range of services that have specific knowledge and experience.


HCRP Family Group Conferencing Service can offer:


  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Facilitation
  • Supervision
  • FGC/RP Continuum


FGC/RP Continuum will assess and deliver the most appropriate intervention in order to gain the most successful and acceptable outcomes.


For further information, prices etc., please email admin@hullrestorativepractice.co.uk



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