Training and implementation focus:


We work closely with organisations/schools to develop trainings from within its generic packages. Training is not, though, a one-size-fits-all model. It is designed to meet the needs of individual institutions/settings whilst ensuring the essential elements are embedded. The consultation process is seen as important to the success of our work.


Hull Centre for Restorative Practice is a signatory to the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) ‘Code of Practice for Trainers and Training Organisations of Restorative Practice – 2011’.


Broadly speaking we offer:


  •  Introduction and circles training for whole schools or a focused group of staff;
  •  Circles training – a focus on proactive circles and circles used in teaching and learning;
  •  Facilitator skills training – for full conferences;
  •  Leadership training for all levels of leadership within an organisation/school; training pupils to be mentors;
  •  Training for pupils and young people;
  •  Training on circles for learning and the use of RP in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning.
  •  Consultancy on implementation at whole organisation/school;
  •  Conflict resolution services for personnel issues;
  •  Working with LAC and their mentors;
  •  Working with children’s homes;
  •  Working with foster carers;
  •  Developing community relations;
  •  Work with Youth Offending Services
  •  Work with Police
  •  Working in any setting (e.g. homeless hostels, secure units) to build bespoke RP training and professional development;
  •  Consultation on, and the implementation of, whole school/organisational change;
  •  Training and development of working with families effectively;

Training Materials


HCRP has designed its own independent training materials which are fit for purpose and relevant to the latest challenges in service delivery.  All HCRP materials are subject to copyright.


All HCRP training and implementation is based on best practice, is supported by research data where available, and permission has been obtained from the originators of the underlying principles prior to their use.



For information on training and consultancy, please contact HCRP


Telephone: 01482 375635


To book places on courses, please contact


Matt Yorke


Our postal address is on the contact page.


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