Jane Harris

Lead Practitioner for Secondary and Special Schools


I have 30 years experience in teaching in secondary schools in Hull. My background is working with young people with special educational needs. I am an Advanced Skills Teacher within the remit of special educational needs and social inclusion.
In 2005 I was appointed as an Assistant Headteacher in an inner city secondary school in Hull and in this role I led the successful implementation and development of Restorative Practices in the school. I also achieved the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers; my work in the development of RP was an integral part of my study.
I continue in my role as a school practitioner and I am currently teaching at Collingwood Primary School. Restorative Practices underpins my work in the school.
I work as part of the HCRP Team as a lead practitioner in the introduction, implementation and development of Restorative Practices in secondary, primary and special schools. I am a RP trainer and I have a wide range of experience in training personnel from various organisations but in particular school staff and young people.

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