Estelle Macdonald

CEO, Hull Centre for Restorative Practice and Headteacher


Estelle is CEO of Hull Centre for Restorative Practices founded as a project in April 2007. She is also Headteacher at Collingwood Primary School which she has led from ‘special measures’ to ‘outstanding’.
Collingwood Primary is internationally recognised as a restorative school and receives visitors from all over the world to look at the work being done there. Estelle trains and offers consultancy to all agencies working with children and families and communities in Hull and across the UK. She has spoken regularly at national and international conferences on Restorative practices both as a practitioner and as CEO of Hull Centre leading a city wide initiative of becoming a ‘Restorative City’.
Estelle is also a trained FGC co-ordinator with a strong belief in the power of family and in working with people to achieve positive outcomes and success for all.

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